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Traus Endo Cordless Handpiece

  • Our Price : $625.00 $833.00

Traus Endo - Cordless Endo Handpiece

• Simple interface design for easy control
• No space-limitation for operation
• Optimised design for user interface
• Ergonomic and compact body

Endo Mode:

• RPM: 100-600 RPM
• Torque: 1-4
• Gear Ratio: 16:1, 20:1
• Rotation Mode: 1, 2

Program Function - 5 Memory programs are available to set including:

• Gear Ratio
• Torque
• Direction Mode

Setting Torque Limit Function:
• Once actual load on the file is higher than preset torque, it stops working automatically.
• Rotation Mode - Users can choose Auto-rotation mode according to operation condition.

Mode 1: Once actual torque is over the preset torque, the file moves in reverse rotation. After removing the load, it stops.
Mode 2: Once actual torque is over the preset torque, the file runs reverse automatically and it turns forward rotation again once load released.

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ARC-TRAUS Traus Endo Cordless Handpiece $833.00 $625.00

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Traus Endo Cordless Handpiece

Traus Endo Cordless Handpiece


$625.00 $833.00

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